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Raytown Historical Society:
Just a quick note to say "Thank You". What a nice thing you all are doing and have done. As I mentioned, when Alberta Myers volunteered at the Museum, over 20 years ago, she told me that she was worried about what was going to happen to all the historical property because the building was in such bad shape.
Wow, how things have changed. The class of 58 folks had wonderful things to say about the tour. I'm sure others that visit are spreading the word that this is certainly one 'Very Bright Spot' in the heart of Raytown.
Thanks again from all the Grads from '58'. We are happy to be in support of you and your effort.
Best Regards,
Mort Myers

"I hope our classmates, being at the Museum, and seeing for themselves how much the Historical Society means to Raytown will understand how much their own lives affect future generations.
I am absolutely amazed at some of the things I have learned since joining. You make it all so interesting!
We cannot thank you enough for what is being done."
Gwen Shay Myers, RHS Class of 1952

"Many of us agree that our visit to the Raytown Historical Society (Museum) was a highlight of our reunion celebration.

Thank you for your gracious hosting of our group."

Sally Frederick, RHS Class of 1963

We had a visitor yesterday who came from Sioux Falls. She wanted to go all through the Museum. She said that they have a museum in her home town but it is nothing like ours.
"Ours has a lot of Indian memorabilia, as you would expect, and is fine in that way. You have told the story of Raytown and its people so well here.
The exhibits are excellent, the whole feeling of the place is warm and inviting. I want to come back to see how the photos you are working on, turn out." (The historic swing wings was what she was referring to)
"I know it takes so much time and energy to switch things around, present them in a new way, but it makes all the difference in the world as to how much people want to return. When the same old thing sits there year after year, there is no reason to come back.
It is obvious that your people understand that fact and are willing to do the necessary work."